Monday, September 25, 2006

World Wide Web Collections 2

Mapping ( kakinada information) (Youtube Converter)*

Music Editors (free)
 http://www.eusing.comCD to MP3)* own Music) Audio Editor) Music)*

Telugu News Channels in youtube
10TvNews 2 NTv 3 HMTV 4 99%Tv 5 Tv5
V6 7 Gemini News 8 ABN 9 iDream 10 STUDION
11 Hybiz 12 
India Web Directory

 Accounting software's (Ace Money Lite) (Hotel Sw Resigo)

currency convertion

Free income tax return software*
Make money online 

word&pdf's softwares 
Freespell ->
Jarte(word) ->
pdf Text Reader->
pdf Type writer->

open Word Perfect in open office 

create pdf online
Text to Speech

Free online offices (word processor) spreadsheet)

Password Manager's

Free image upload (Portable software for UBS'S) Filter( hardware

Sunday, July 23, 2006

World Wide Web Collections 1

Domain Registration ( To known website Owner) web) free domain

Blog websites journal) websites) ( Find ip address)** Face book covers

Web counters*

Some other sites

More Utilities ( abyss web server software)* music)* convertors) Editor) (Free audio editor)

LAWs telugu

Office ( MS office) (Free openoffice)*

Online storage sites ( world language)

Online Dictionarys

Online Telugu Dictionarys

Free online Tutorials sites ( Basic's of Internet) ( online language )***) ( Web Tutor)**

Courses sites ( CDAC)

Microsoft Certifications
other Certifications

Chip Design
Cellphone Training


Free Animation softwares animation softwares)*

Health sites (Baby names )

Blood Donors Donation)* ( world health organization)

Downloads Sites * ( New versions info)* (Old versions info)*
speeds up your Internet)*

Free Utilities (For miss dll files)* ( fonts) (fonts) ( online j album) ( Typing software)* (Online Diary) ( to create drives)** fax service)

Hardware Utilitys ( intel) ( intel support) ( amd support) ( apple computers)

Data recovery

Harddisk Recovery
Drivers Softwares (online backup)

Bootable disk software software)

Search Engines (yahoo+google)* search+yahoo)

Indian Search Engines

Total Educational sites***

Other links in A.P universitys 

Links for Other States

Comedk (kanataka k-cet)

Religious Sites For online bookings) ***

Jobs Sites*** **** (Interview Tips) (jobs on mobile )*

Encyclopedia * * * ( Rulers information)

Online Exams ( EAMCET)

Telugusites Telugu Magazines

Sent E-mail in Your Mother Tongue

Telugu software & Tools (or)
(pothana2000 fonts)
(Baraha software) ****

Telugu matrimones

C&C++ language sites *
C,C++ & Java etc source codes

Linux sites ( o/s )

Unix installation guide

System Administration Guide

Free books sites* * (Books for computer science)***
stories* ) Text Books) Books)

Computer Magazine's
Online Shopping*


Sports information

A.p state information ( Indian postal) (Election Commission)

Railways (Railway claims)

kids sites ( how to paper folding) search ) shopping) **

Fun sites ( comics)**


Measure your love

compression(7 ZIP,Tugzip free) (winRar) ( winzip)

Online anti virus & Trojans ( panda active scan) ( Trend micro house call) (bit defender online scanner) ( Trojans Scanner) ( spamfighter)

Anti virus software** (Free AVG Anti Virus )* (Free Avast Anti Virus)* ( Quick heal Anti Virus) ( Mcafee Anti Virus) (
Norton Anti Virus) (windows onecare) opensource Antivirus) AOL Anti virus) AntiVir) *

Anti spyware software ( Spybot search&destroy)* ( MS Anti spyware)* ( Spywareblaster)** Doctor -free scan)

Privacy Tools

Virus information

Results sites* (State Government) * State police) (CCL VRO VRA)

Aadhaar card

pan card
Free codes

Live Stock/Agriculture