Sunday, July 23, 2006

World Wide Web Collections 1

Domain Registration ( To known website Owner) web) free domain

Blog websites journal) websites) ( Find ip address)** Face book covers

Web counters*

Some other sites

More Utilities ( abyss web server software)* music)* convertors) Editor) (Free audio editor)

LAWs telugu

Office ( MS office) (Free openoffice)*

Online storage sites ( world language)

Online Dictionarys

Online Telugu Dictionarys

Free online Tutorials sites ( Basic's of Internet) ( online language )***) ( Web Tutor)**

Courses sites ( CDAC)

Microsoft Certifications
other Certifications

Chip Design
Cellphone Training


Free Animation softwares animation softwares)*

Health sites (Baby names )

Blood Donors Donation)* ( world health organization)

Downloads Sites * ( New versions info)* (Old versions info)*
speeds up your Internet)*

Free Utilities (For miss dll files)* ( fonts) (fonts) ( online j album) ( Typing software)* (Online Diary) ( to create drives)** fax service)

Hardware Utilitys ( intel) ( intel support) ( amd support) ( apple computers)

Data recovery

Harddisk Recovery
Drivers Softwares (online backup)

Bootable disk software software)

Search Engines (yahoo+google)* search+yahoo)

Indian Search Engines

Total Educational sites***

Other links in A.P universitys 

Links for Other States

Comedk (kanataka k-cet)

Religious Sites For online bookings) ***

Jobs Sites*** **** (Interview Tips) (jobs on mobile )*

Encyclopedia * * * ( Rulers information)

Online Exams ( EAMCET)

Telugusites Telugu Magazines

Sent E-mail in Your Mother Tongue

Telugu software & Tools (or)
(pothana2000 fonts)
(Baraha software) ****

Telugu matrimones

C&C++ language sites *
C,C++ & Java etc source codes

Linux sites ( o/s )

Unix installation guide

System Administration Guide

Free books sites* * (Books for computer science)***
stories* ) Text Books) Books)

Computer Magazine's
Online Shopping*


Sports information

A.p state information ( Indian postal) (Election Commission)

Railways (Railway claims)

kids sites ( how to paper folding) search ) shopping) **

Fun sites ( comics)**


Measure your love

compression(7 ZIP,Tugzip free) (winRar) ( winzip)

Online anti virus & Trojans ( panda active scan) ( Trend micro house call) (bit defender online scanner) ( Trojans Scanner) ( spamfighter)

Anti virus software** (Free AVG Anti Virus )* (Free Avast Anti Virus)* ( Quick heal Anti Virus) ( Mcafee Anti Virus) (
Norton Anti Virus) (windows onecare) opensource Antivirus) AOL Anti virus) AntiVir) *

Anti spyware software ( Spybot search&destroy)* ( MS Anti spyware)* ( Spywareblaster)** Doctor -free scan)

Privacy Tools

Virus information

Results sites* (State Government) * State police) (CCL VRO VRA)

Aadhaar card

pan card
Free codes

Live Stock/Agriculture