Monday, September 25, 2006

World Wide Web Collections 2

Mapping ( kakinada information) (Youtube Converter)*

Music Editors (free)
 http://www.eusing.comCD to MP3)* own Music) Audio Editor) Music)*

Telugu News Channels in youtube
10TvNews 2 NTv 3 HMTV 4 99%Tv 5 Tv5
V6 7 Gemini News 8 ABN 9 iDream 10 STUDION
11 Hybiz 12 
India Web Directory

 Accounting software's (Ace Money Lite) (Hotel Sw Resigo)

currency convertion

Free income tax return software*
Make money online 

word&pdf's softwares 
Freespell ->
Jarte(word) ->
pdf Text Reader->
pdf Type writer->

open Word Perfect in open office 

create pdf online
Text to Speech

Free online offices (word processor) spreadsheet)

Password Manager's

Free image upload (Portable software for UBS'S) Filter( hardware